Acne and Make-up

Tucson Acne Clinic is proud to offer PRIIA™ Cosmetics for all our clients.  PRIIA is 100% non-comedogenic (will not clog pores or cause acne breakouts), vegan and gluten-free.


One of the worst things an acne sufferer can do is wear make-up.  Most acne suffers desire to cover their skin and will not go without make-up.

If you’re going to wear make-up stick to water-based or glycerin-based products.  There are some on the market.  You MUST always check the ingredients as manufacturers change ingredients regularly.  Being diligent about this is key to having clear skin.  Some foundations for dry skin may contain pore clogging ingredients.

Tucson Acne Clinic suggests you avoid liquid foundations altogether.  Loose powders are the better choice.  Powders can sometimes help eliminate oily shine.  High quality mineral make-ups have anti-inflammatory properties and can help calm the redness some acne suffers get.  Not all mineral make-ups are good.  Especially the pressed powders. 

Blushes are usually extremely pore clogging.

When looking for products to apply on your lips it can be tricky.  Most lip products contain many pore clogging ingredients.  Lip products travel from the lip area to the pores around your mouth and can cause clogging.  It’s not so much the wax in lip products but the oils.  Look for simple oils such as castor oil, mineral oil or petrolatum.  If a lip product contains isopropyl myristate do not use it.